Baseball - League Champions!

The baseball season followed the same time as the MLB in the USA, so as the second semester was starting at the university in October, the baseball season was coming to an end.  The Deggendorf Dragons had been in this position many times before where they had a chance to win league but never pulled through.  In their complete existence, this had never been accomplished, however, this was the year.  The Dragons were champions of the Bavarian League and were promoted to the Regional League of Southeastern Germany.  This being the 3rd highest league of baseball in the entire country.

The news was spread through the town papers and our entire team was personally congratulated by the mayor of the city at the annual sports banquet.

[youtube] (listen closely to hear how my name is pronounced in German)

The local university also wanted to see some more of this baseball action so one of my professors organized a game where the players mixed in with two teams, one with professors and one with grad students from the university.  Here is a photo of me with Professor Schmieder, my Art of Negotiation professor.  He had previously taught courses in Santa Clara, California, and was fascinated by this American sport.

I also spent some of my free time coaching the Deggendorf Dragons softball team.  I filled the role of assistant coach when schedules weren't conflicting.  They were almost as successful as us, only falling short in the last double header to finish second in league.

As celebration, we all took a team overnight trip to Pilsen, Czech Republic where we went paintballing and made a ruck of the town at night.

[youtube] Here is a video of one of our team vans en-route to an away game with some classical Bavarian music.... driver's choice

The end of the year statistics showed our dominance over the other teams as many of us from the team labeled DEG were atop the leaders.  I went ahead and highlighted myself in the document below.

The times that I had with these guys were truly amazing.  My teammates on the Deggendorf Dragons were some of my first friends in Deggendorf and turned out to be some of my best.  Through them, I got to really feel part of the Deggendorf community.  They accepted me into their lives on and off the baseball field.  Playing in Deggendorf was some of the most fun I've ever had playing baseball and I will forever look back on what wonderful memories I had with this team and the baseball family in Deggendorf.

After having such a wonderful experience playing baseball in Germany I wrote up a little summary of everything you would need to know to do such a thing.  I posted it on facebook and sent it to my high school baseball coach and I will post it on here as well.  I hope other kids can have the chance to have such a wonderful experience as I did.


In 2010 I discovered this unique gem and it was truly an amazing experience.  Therefore, I want to share this with the rest of you in hopes that you may want to try something similar yourselves!

Here is the university in Germany:

Deggendorf University of Applied Science (FH Deggendorf)

The study program offered 100% in English there is International Management.  The course is 50% German students and 50% Internationals.  International students take German courses on the side of their International Management classes.  American students can fulfill their GE and lower division bachelor units and transfer them back to the CSU system for credit.  American students can also obtain their entire Bachelors in Deggendorf.  Tuition costs for full-time students are 400-500 EUR a semester while the tuition is usually waved for foreign students—I didn’t pay a penny in tuition the 2 semesters I was there.  The contact for foreign students at the university is Lisa Hirtreiter<>.  The city of Deggendorf is a beautiful little college town in Bavaria located right on the Donau River about 1 ½ hours north of Munich, 30 minutes from Austria and 45 minutes from the Czech Republic.  The campus is literally right on the waterfront.

As Deggendorf is a smaller city, housing is much cheaper than you would think.  Students live in a common building with small single apartments only 5 minutes by foot from campus.  Cost in 2010 was 225 EUR/month all inclusive (water,elec,tv,etc.).  You can get anywhere and everywhere you need in the city with a bike.

The baseball team in Deggendorf is in the third highest league in the country.  They are the Deggendorf Dragons.  It’s a wood-bat league that travels throughout southern Germany for games.  The team has team vans used to go to and from games.  The season runs parallel to the MLB season with spring training in March and regular season games from April to October.  Games are usually played on Saturdays and Sundays and any week games are usually night games in the local area.  Practice is held 2-3 times a week.

Deggendorf Dragons Website:

Deggendorf Dragons Facebook:

The head coach is Tom Achatz and the assistant is Stefan Brückner, both great coaches, ballplayers and quality people.

Thomas Achatz <>

Stefan Brückner <>

Possibilities to work in Deggendorf are not too bad for a foreigner.  American students can work for English professors correcting English papers on the side and make around 400-500 EUR a semester just for that.  The Dragons also have a softball team, as well as a lower division baseball team and a youth team that are always in need of a good coach.  As almost all the Germans speak English, many international students also find common jobs at a local bar or fast-food place.

The experience to play the sport we all love abroad is unique in its own right, but the chance to live abroad, get to know a new culture, learn a new language and make connections from all over the world is priceless.  It will without a doubt be something you won’t regret and will remember forever.  My experience with this baseball team, university and the city of Deggendorf without a doubt changed my life so I want to share this with others in hopes they might explore something of the same.

If you have any questions please feel free to contact me:

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