Final Excursion - France (Christmas)

I arrived in Bayonne a few days before Christmas.   The same place where the Fete de Bayonne was this summer.  It was my first time to truly have a “white Christmas” living in Germany but instead we enjoyed beautiful weather, sunny skies and no snow!  At this same time they were having some of the worst storms in Germany and Northern France.  Some of my friends were stuck in Frankfurt Hbf for almost 2 days due to snow.  I was lucky to be in the only warm pocket north of Spain!

While being away from my family in the US, I feel so fortunate to have such a family as the Lopes to spend this “family-orientated” holiday with.  At the same time, it was great to experience Christmas in a foreign country.  Grandpa “Papi” dressed up as Santa and the whole family took part in singing as the kids began to open presents.  Opening presents was nothing like I’d experienced at home.  The kids just go at it with no patience.  I was accustomed to the one at a time and make the event draw out as long as possible but this was fun to see!  The main course we ate was the Bambi that Papi had shot himself!  It was wonderful speaking to Papi the whole night and he really took a liking to me.  Someone told me I was the first American he had ever spoken with in his entire life.



The days after Christmas Coralie, Antoine and I drove down the French coast in the direction to Spain.  The weather here and the views were amazing.  At one point, we were standing on the Oceanside and you could look up and see the snow in the mountaintops.  A pretty cool experience!


After nearly a week here in France,  I boarded a night train up to Luxembourg through Paris where I was to meet Lucas and Cassia and carry out the rest of my trip and New Years with them.


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