After leaving Zuzana in Bratislava I took a short train ride to Vienna.  In Vienna I met Tristan and his Hungarian girlfriend.  Tristan and I went to high school together and met through studying French.  He is studying in Bordeaux, France this semester and it just worked out that we were in Vienna at the same time.

The time in Vienna was short but it is an extremely clean, organized and beautiful city.  Everything in this city seems to be perfect, in fact, too perfect.  Our tour of Vienna was completely spontaneous without maps and without destinations.  We did stumble upon Schönenbrunn Palace, which proved to be just another exemplary example of the beautiful collection of castles and palaces that Bavaria and Austria have to offer.

Don’t forget that it was around this area in Austria that the Sound of Music was filmed.  The countryside on the way into and out of Vienna is truly a sight to see from the ICE (InnerCityExpress high speed trains in Germany and Austria).  It’s impressive how similar Austria is to Bavaria (as in fact, in history they used to belong together).  One can truly see a difference between Bavaria and n northern Germany.

Hope you enjoy the photo collection below!


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