Deg Goes East

The third week back in Deggendorf was a HUGE week – The execution of our Deg Goes East project.  Deg Goes East was derived from an International Project Management class from the previous semester.  The entire class was divided into project teams and assigned a project to carry out.  My project team consisted for Lucas, me and 5 German girls (Babsi, Fransi, Annika, Mandy and Vera).  Our project was by far the most extensive of all and therefore required the second semester for execution.

Our task:  Create a week long rally through Eastern Europe visiting partner universities to strengthen the relations between the partners and establish a new partner university along the way.  The rally did not only include our project team but 25 students, representing all the faculties from our university, and 2 professors.  Each team was given a rental car and our project team of 7 traveled in a van.  All aspects of the entire project were designed and carried out by our project team.

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***HERE ARE A FEW WONDERFUL RECAP FILMS PUT TOGETHER BY THE MEDIA TECH STUDENTS ON OUR TRIP*** tip: putting the video on full screen turns out much better

The trip began on a Monday morning and we departed for Pilzen, Czech Republic.  In Pilzen we presented to the university before a giant lecture hall of students, had a tour of the university, and then continued on to Prague for the night.


At each University Babsi and I presented before students, professors and/or administration.  We passed the night in Prague – a city so touristic that the only language you hear on the streets in German or English, not Czech.  The next day we toured the city and castle and drove to Bratislava in the evening.  Along the way one team put diesel in a regular gas car and was stranded but we were able to rotate in a new car and get them along their way.  At this point, the two professors returned to Germany and the entire group of 25 students was in the hands of our project team.


In Bratislava we were treated like guests of honor at the University.  First off, we presented in a board roam before the president and other administration of the largest university in Slovakia.  We then discussed issues between Germany, Slovakia, economy and university exchanges and then were fed in a huge dining hall at the university with waiters and everything.  The students gave us a tour of the city which has a unique mix between historic, communistic, and modern architecture.  In Bratislava we met such wonderful people and founded great relationships with the students.


This evening we packed up once again and drove to Budapest, the capital of Hungary.  We stayed two days in Budapest, presented at the university, saw the city and had our first taste of Eastern European nightlife.  Budapest was enjoyable but it lacked the connection with the locals that we had in Bratislava.

We then had a full day’s drive across Hungary to the capital of Croatia, Zagreab.  We stopped half way in the city of Siofok (pronounced "She-O-Fuk") which is alongside the largest lake in Hungary, the Balaton.  We made it Croatia and presented to the deans of different departments.  The people of Croatia were truly unique.  We were all amazed at how TALL, confident, and good looking the people of Zagreb were on average.  For the first time my life, I was looking every girl straight in the eye and they were not even wearing heals!  Numerous guys were as tall as or taller than me.  I was impressed.  That night there was the opening party for the new semester and hospitality of the local students was amazing.  This night just topped off the amount of times I was impressed by the people from Eastern Europe.


On the last day we visited the countryside near Rijeka, Croatia followed by an evening on the Oceanside.  The next day we drove through Slovenia and Austria and made it home that night, back in Deggendorf.  Before embarking on our week long project, I wasn’t quite sure what to expect, however I returned home fascinated with the East.  I can honestly say now that if I had the chance to visit a popular touristic destination like Barcelona or an unequally known city in Eastern Europe, I would much rather go East.  I was truly impressed and hope that my future allows me to experience more of Eastern Europe.


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