Ireland and Scotland

During the summer, Lucas and I found a sale flights from Frankfurt, Germany to Kerry, Ireland, than Shannon, Ireland to Edinburgh, Scotland, than Edinburgh back to Frankfurt for the amazing price of 45 Euros.  In that case, we took them.  After 3 weeks of traveling through Scandinavia with Kyle and Lucas learning German in Berlin, we met up in Deggendorf and headed of the second week of September. We arrived in Kerry, the smallest airport I've ever seen, and made our way to Ennis by train.  My first impressions of Ireland were the following:  The have another language other than English as well, the nature is GREEN but the buildings are a gloomy grey, the first Irish person I saw on the streets openly said "HI" as we passed each other..... this brought a smile to my face because I've missed this in Germany the last 6 months :)  On the train a guy played music that really gave me an "Irish feel".  In Germany, I feel like I have to whisper because the people on the trains are so silent, yet this guy here was playing such beautiful typical Irish music.  I appreciated it.


We stayed the night in Ennis in most likely the nicest hostel I'll ever see; surprising since Ennis is such a small town in the middle of nowhere.  We won a random drawing at the hostel and we moved from a 8 bed communal room to a 2 bed with private en-suite.  Lucas and I enjoyed a HUGE home cooked meal in the communal kitchen the size of the kitchen in my elementary school.

The next day we took a bus to the Cliffs of Moher.  These beautiful cliffs jetting off Ireland's west coast were the main motivating factor to come to Ireland.  The cliffs were gorgeous, but what we did not expect was the WIND!  We had never been in such windy weather.  This was even more than I experienced in Amsterdam.  It literally moved us 3-5 feet when we jumped into the air!  But this did not take away from beauty of the Irish countryside and the Cliffs of Moher.


After our day trip, we came home and went grocery shopping and stumbled upon a local football championship game.  We caught the last 15 minutes to see the kids playing crying for joy and sorrow when the final whistle blew.  I could not believe how rough the kids here in general were.  Watch as one kid kicks another in the dog pile here!


The next day we fly to Edinburgh, Scotland.  Edinburgh was amazing.  When we landed , we saw signs everywhere saying that the next day the Pope arrived.  We took a bus to the city and found our hostel.  After checking in, we decide to go out for a walk and just one block from our hostel is this huge fortress on a rock. It was so amazing it looked fake.  I had no idea what Edinburgh had to offer but was completely blown away.


That night we ate dinner in the communal kitchen (Lucas and I become quite the cooks).  We sat with 3 girls from Brussels, Belgium, Valentine, Lo, and Deborah.  One of them was born in Brazil and all of them spoke French (perfect group for Lucas and I!).  We had so much fun with them that we ended going out that night and exploring the Scottish bars.  It was a fun and exciting night all together :)

The next day we woke up early... too early for Lucas, and made our way to the Hairy Coo.  The Hairy Coo is a tour service of the Scottish Highlands.  With our guide, dressed in his own special kilt, we explored the highlands for the whole day.  We saw the castle where Monté Python was filmed, beautiful lakes, a modern one-of-a-kind boat lift, the memorial and locations of where William Wallace fought and lived, and of course, the Hairy Coo's.  A Hairy Coo is a bull/cow looking like animal that has a burnt orange shaggy coat.  Our guide was particularly proud of these animals and staged his whole tour around them.


If anyone ever goes to Edinburgh, I highly recommend this tour service.  It was a great day tour and we saw sooo much!  Best of all, you pay what you can/believe they deserve.  Here is the link to their site:

This wonderful Highlands tour concluded our trip.  The next day we flew back to Germany.  We arrived in Deggendorf and stayed a total of 22 hours.  Then we were off to Greece... my next post to come :)

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