Birthdays - All Good Things Come in Threes

So the second week of April we had a bunch of birthday.  April 7th was Abdel’s birthday (Benin), April 8th was Vera’s birthday (Germany), and April 9th was mine.  Therefore, the three of us worked together to hold one big party on the night of the 9th.  We held it in the common room at our Student Quarter where he had over 100 people show up throughout the night.  The experience was great, we got to enjoy many kinds of birthday celebrations from all over the world including the Latvian one below where I was lifted in a chair 20 times for being 20 years old.  Many of my friends more than generously brought gifts, and my baseball coach Stefan and his girlfriend Lisa cook an entire Bavarian dinner for everyone, Leberkäse and Dampfnudel.  The whole baseball team showed up, including some players on the softball team.  After an evening of fun in the common rooms, we headed downtown to a bar and club.  Come home pretty late but had such a wonderful time with all my friends here.  I felt very very appreciated after seeing how many people turned out for my party when I’d only been here in Deggendorf for exactly 1 month.  It was really special. Plus, the day before my birthday I was surprised by my friends from Turkey.  What I thought was just dinner and ping pong at their place turned into a birthday party, with a cake and everything!  I’ve had the fortunate chance to experience Turkish food and it’s truly amazing.  It was so nice of them to go out of their way to do that.

The next week a friend of mine from Kamran, from Pakistan, had a birthday.  He asked to take ten of us out to dinner to celebrate.  Refusing to let us pay a penny, he bought us all dinner at a nice Italian restaurant.  I’ve never met anyone from Pakistan before, but Kamran and Ghulam are two of the most hospitable guys I’ve ever met.  It’s fascinating that in some ways, Pakistan is even more like the US than Germany!

Birthday Party in Common Room

Abdel and Me with our Latvian Girls

The Birthday Trio

Lucas and I with all our German friends

Latvian Birthday Tradition of 20 chair lifts

Turkish Birthday Surprise

Thanks Elvan :)

Kamram's Birthday Dinner