Day of Departure - Journey Begins

The time is finally here. The journey has begun! This video captures the day of departure experience.

Thank you Chris, Rachel, Gerry, Joshua and Daniel for taking the time to meet up with me before I left. Bryan, Pritam, Sherry and Jon thank you for the calls from Germany! And RJ (Richard), a friend I went to elementary school with and haven't seen in nearly 7 years since high school just happened to be coincidentally on my first flight with me. What a surprise! 

I'm currently in St. Petersburg, Russia, and traveling further into Finland in 2 weeks to meet up with Ilmari and Roope to film my first country segment. Ivan is even coming over from Stockholm to visit me for a day. It's truly special how many people want to take part in this project and help to make it something magnificent!

Departure Day Chico Airport

This photo was taken at the Chico Municipal Airport, which has now since closed. I literally flew out 3 days before they closed all commercial routes. I was overwhelmed by the responses this photo received on Facebook. More than 350 friends from around the world responded to this post. It's moments like this that kindle that fire inside me to truly create something wonderful with this project. Thank you all for this amazing support and excitement about this journey!