The journey has begun! Latest stop: Kazakhstan

The Route

The Project

Red markers indicate the first half of the project and blue markets indicated the project's second half.

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Support David's Film and Journey

THANK YOU Kambria Souza, Charles Simmons, Sam Angelis, Sue Berning, Jodie Dillman, Jon Driscoll, Sherry Simmons, Lisa & Dane Jacobsen, Zuzana Zajacova, Laurent & Elisa Fontaine, Anthony Aylward, Cindy & Jack Morley, Abi Courroy, Walter Southwick, Rob Weaver, Martin Aigner, Christian Schneider, Gerry Hallford, Yana Bybina, the Fregosos, Tony Petrov, Scott Lardizabal and Franziska Kurz, Alin Rahaian, Luiz Pleitez and Barbara Meier for your contributions to help make this project a success!

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Here are the 3 approaches for raising this money:

1. Self-Funding

I've started saving every spare penny possible to begin a solid funding foundation. I believe I can provide about 50% of the project cost. My hope is that donations from people like YOU will help me reach the rest of my fundraising goal. 


2. Crowd Funding

Crowd Funding is the idea that a large number of people give a small amount of money to fund projects and receive a small gift in return for their support.

For those who are kind enough to help me realize this dream, I want to make this trip something special for them as well. Therefore, I have set up different forms of saying "Thank You" for different donation values.   

$5 - A thank you with your name in the film credits and on

$10 or more - Receive a postcard along the journey from a far off corner of the world, PLUS your name in the film credits.

$25 or more- Receive 3 postcards along the way from foreign countries around the world, PLUS your name in the film credits.

$50 or more- Receive a postcard from all 6 inhabited continents of the world (North America, South America, Africa, Europe, Asia, Australia), PLUS your name in the film credits.

$75 or more- Photo of you in the film as one who helped make this journey and film happen, PLUS postcards from all 6 continents and your name in the film credits.

$100  or more  - FEATURE FILM. Receive the full-length film on DVD with behind the scenes additional footage before it is sold and distributed, PLUS postcards from all 6 continents and your name and photo in the film credits.

$250 or more- PHOTO BOOK with personal insights. Receive a complete hard copy photo album documenting the entire journey with insights written by me. Signed with a personal thank you letter, PLUS feature film on DVD, postcards from all 6 continents and your name and photo in the film credits.

$500 or more - ULTIMATE POSTCARD COLLECTION. Receive a postcard sent to you from EVERY country I visit along the way, PLUS photo book with personal insights, feature film on DVD, and your name and photo in the film credits.

$1000 or more - A WORLDLY ARTIFACT will be sent to you as a special thanks for your significant contribution. An example of this could be a hand-crafted sand painting from Tibetan Monks. The artifact will be something unique from a far off corner of the world with an impressive story behind it. All lower value rewards are, of course, included as well.

$2500 or more  - Wherever in the world you are, I'm coming to you! That's right, I want to film an in-depth special in your local area and highlight you in the film. Your story and your life will be shared with the rest of the world in my film. As a top contributor, your will receive the not only a personal visit and be featured in the film but all of the above rewards as well. Thank you!

Support David's Film and Journey

If you would like to make a contribution, you are not required to make it through Paypal. Any form of payment will be accepted and you will receive the "Thank You"s corresponding to that value. Please contact me at I also want to express my appreciation for your support and contribution to helping make this journey a reality.


3. Corporate Sponsorships  

In one of two ways:

1) PRODUCT PLACEMENT AROUND THE WORLD- This is an exciting opportunity for a company to have a product filmed and photographed in numerous regions of the world. As long as the product is small enough to be portable, I can shoot it from the pyramids in Egypt to the peaks of the Himalayas. My journey presents a wonderful opportunity for a company to cost-effectively obtain the footage for the foundation of a social media advertisement campaign with their company's product/name featured around the entire world. For those who are interested, please contact me at

2) TRAVELING BILLBOARD - In the fall of 2013, I drew more than 10,000 votes, appeared twice in the front page of the Enterprise Record and numerous times on the KNVN news channel in response to my Top-10 finish in Jauntaroo's Best Job Around the World Contest. This is just a glimpse at the tip of the iceberg what size of a following this current journey will draw. With the live video blog, frequent website and blog updates with media, travel stories and travel tips, as well as pull from social media links, not to mention the exposure from the ultimate film, it is to both your and my benefit to draw as much attention and traffic to this remarkable event as possible. For those who are interested, please contact me at


Q: Can you really complete such an ambitious journey? 

A: The sensation I get when I plan and think about this journey is all too familiar for me. It was the same in the planning stages of my Trans-Siberian excursion. There isn't a day that goes by at this point where I don't think about this once-in-a-lifetime journey ahead of me. Yes, it's a far ahead but such a trip takes extensive planning and fundraising to successfully complete. I've come to terms that if I don't take this journey now, I never will; and if I were to pass up on this opportunity, it would be something I would regret for my whole life. I live my life without regrets and will do whatever it may take to realize this dream of mine.